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Posting Reminders


bionic eye

This is the watchers journal for bw_newsletter the Bionic Woman Newsletter.
Also a place for the mods of the newsletter to contact each other
All the mods have access to this journal and they are

And remember watch Bionic Woman.

The Newsletter comes out twice a week - Tuesdays and Fridays.

Tuesdays is a full edition while Fridays is just the Discussion / Recap edition for the latest episode of Bionic Woman aired

More information will be forthcoming as it is decided.

Posting Reminders

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Weve exerienced problems this week and what i propose is that i will send out reminders, if you want. Either posting them here at bw_mod_watch or i can send them directly to your journal through messages. Reminders would go out either the day before yyour supposed to post or on the actual day. I dont mind which. If you dont want me to send reminders we can also see what happens with the next rotation schedule, below.

November 20th November 23rd - quiet_elle
November 27th November 30th - burnfor
December 4th December 7th - laii
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